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News Update


August 2016

Lanarkshire Paranormal Investigate Braemar Castle. Pictures are on our social media pages.


July 2016

We returned to the stunning Cultibraggan Camp 21. an exciting and unusual location.


June 2016

Lanarkshire Paranormal investigated the Palace Theatre Kilmarnock for the first time. Pictures are on our social media pages.


June 2016

Lanarkshire Paranormal carried out another investigation at Govanhill Baths, check out our social media pages for photos.


June 2016

Lanarkshire Paranormal Return to Barry Mill, We also return later in the year for Halloween.


May 2016

Lanarkshire Paranormal investigate the amazing Leith Hall

Check out or social media pages for pictures


April 2016

Lanarkshire Paranormal carried out our first investigation of Inverary Jail, Check out our Facebook Page for pictures and discussions.


February 2016

We Kicked off 2016 with an investigation at Cockenzie House Edinburgh, Visit our Facebook Page for Photos


November 2015

Lanarkshire Paranormal conduct an investigation at Plane Castle Stirling


October 2015

Lanarkshire Paranormal carried out an active halloween investigation at the Cartland Bridge Hotel


September 2015

Lanarkshire Paranormal carried out another active investigation at Govanhill Baths


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                           Next investigation: Govanhill Baths 3rd September 2016

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